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Updated 08-19-08
smirk, yeah he's bringing sexy back

[TURTLE SHOPPING: November 15, Midday | Larry; Pearl; Mikaela]

Larry flung open the door to the pet shop, paying little mind to the annoyed looks aimed at him by the man behind the cash register and the little old lady buying fish food.

It was a small pet store, he noted. There wasn’t anything fancy like dogs or cats, but there were plenty of lizards, rabbits, mice, and—best of all—turtles! He grinned at his companions and nodded to the aisle labeled ‘prehistoric pets.’ “Shall we, ladies?”

((OOC: loool, sorry this took so long. I WAS DISTRACTED BY THE LOOMING BLAZE OUTSIDE.))
let me think about that, hmm


Okay, I'm having trouble figuring out what Larry would dress up as for Halloween (keeping in mind that he's going to be affected by the virus), so I'm asking for a little help.

What can you see Larry ICly dressing up as?

A hot dog
A security guard
Austin Powers
Other (please explain)

Thank you for your time. :3
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Blog Entry #13

1. Name 10 of your LJ Friends.
2. Then put your music playlist on shuffle.
3. Each random song is dedicated to one of your Friends. (Ex; First song for first friend on list)
4. Ready? GO!!!

1. Kaela: I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch), the Four Tops
2. Megumi: Favorite Things, Incubus
3. Pearly: All the Small Things, Blink 182
4. Karen: 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix), Gorillaz
6. Maya: Such Great Heights, Iron and Wine
7. Iris: She Loves You, the Beatles
7. Nick: We Will Rock You, Queen
8. Edgey: Frontier Psychiatrist, the Avalanches
9. Maraich: Badfish, Sublime
10. Apollo: We've Had Enough, Alkaline Trio

Dude, some of those kinda fit! Creepy...

Anyway, there's supposed to be some big Halloween party coming up this Friday. Everyone on this list is gonna be there, riiiight?

((OOC: HAHA! All of these were random (save for me skipping a few songs that I didn't think Larry would listen to). The first #7 was too painful for him, so he typed then deleted it. :|))
g!s // oh you

Blog Entry #12

Man, all these dudes turning into chicks is kinda weird. I mean, it’d really suck to, like, find that perfect girl only to find out later that they were really that perfect guy, you know? Only it wouldn’t be all that perfect ‘cause you don’t swing that way…

But anyhow! At least I managed to get out of this one. Tch, could you imagine? Me as a man!?
Cheshire grin

[RL: Edgey's Apartment, July 26, in the A.M. | Larry; Phoenix; Edgeworth]

Bidding the last guests goodbye, Larry closed the door and yawned, stretching his arms way over his head and sighing once he heard that ever satisfying pop. He took in the empty foyer—drooping streamers and all—and grinned. The party was a success, if he did say so himself, and after a mental pat on the back, he bounded to the kitchen… where he found Nick. By the sink. Doing chores.

What the hell?

Snorting, he slapped Nick square on the back. “Watcha doing, buddy?”

((OOC: U-um. Backdated to, like, over a month ago. Aftermath of the party.))
Laurice // hmm

Blog Entry #10

Well, the road was long and winding, but you’ll all be glad to know that my journey has finally come to an end! And you know what I discovered? That Larry Butz guy? He ain’t such a useless waste of space after all! I should have realized it sooner. I mean, self-centered, lazy, anti-social…

Why didn’t you guys tell me I was an artist!? Yeesh…